About our Trust

Vishnupriya Memorial Charitable Trust ,working since December 2009, with the mission of supporting the backward and less privileged people of the society. Our ultimate goal is to uplift the condition of less fortunate and the needy like old age people who have none to look after, destitute and parent less children and to raise awareness about women empowerment and diseases. In addition, we also facilitate, organize, and promote cooperation from the volunteers willing to extent their help for the cause.

Vision & Mission


To create a society where people are placed at the centre of all development initiatives ensuring social justice


To ensure social justice, economic and educational and political enhancement to the disadvantaged sections of the society, focusing on women and children, through developing mechanism aiming at service delivery and capacity building

Objective of the Trust

1. To establish and carry on the activities to provide relief of the poor, education, medical relief and the advancement of any other object for the benefit of the general public without distinction of race, caste, community, religion or social status.
2. To open building for the poor, widows and old age people so as to satisfy their basic needs.
3. To start Schools, Arts, Technical and Medical colleges, Industrial schools, Teacher training schools, hospitals, Spiritual training institutes, Welfare centres for the benefit of differently abled and to promote or undertake social service and cultural activities.
4. To develop programmes related to health and family welfare services such as women's health and status, Parental care and child development programme, and training programmes for family and social enchantment.
5. To Conduct Medical Camp and screening school children.
6. To provide health care and health awareness to the public.
7. To provide care and awareness regarding drug addiction.
8. To grow self-confidence among the people.
9. To start and improve the women's and Men's self-help groups.
10. To organize and set up research, training and demonstration projects in the fields of environmental sanitation and social welfare Development programmes, as may be decided upon by the members of the trust either by itself or in collaboration with other institution /societies in and outside India.
11. To bestow elite training for improvement in the performance of students who have the interest in sports by establishing training academy and hostel. Best performed sports players will be encouraged to participate in national sports events.
12. To train and develop the student's educational and behavioural skills.

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Cuddalore 607002,
Ph: 9092313688
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